Book of Remembrance/Roll of Honour

Book of Remebrance/Roll of Honour.

The Book of Remembrance/Roll of Honour was created by a local calligrapher, Norman Kelly.  The Book is housed in a traditional oak display case with a glass top that was created by Waterloo Timber of Clitheroe. There is also a companion Roll of Honour in Braille that was created by Chris Tattersall of BrailleIT. The Braille version is mounted on an oak plinth designed and donated by Ray Middleton of Francis Joinery. Both books can now be seen at  Clitheroe Parish Church.

The design for the Roll of Honour was drawn from that used for a Book of Remembrance created in 1932 to commemorate the casualties from Clitheroe of World War 1. This book is currently kept in the vestibule of Clitheroe Town Hall, but the Town Council recently agreed that it should be moved to the Parish Church. We welcome this decision as it will create a special place where we can mark and remember all those from Clitheroe who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country.

Hints on Browsing

There are several ways to browse the pages. As this is a flip book it is only necessary to put the mouse cursor near the edge of the book and it will change to a different arrow, then click there and the page turns. (Works in either direction) The left and right arrow keys may also be used.

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